What's a General Chapter ?

To The Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools:

112. Constituted to represent the whole Institute, the General Chapter has been since the days of the Founder the ultimate expression of the communion that exists among all the Brothers. It perpetuates among them the living fidelity to the special charism of the Institute.

Who attends the General Chapter?

How is the Brother Superior elected?

Some history of the General Chapters


Stages of the Chapter .


Joy in thanksgiving

Opening prayer and ceremony | Recollection

Boldness in truth

Evaluation and reports | Discernment: 3 conferences

Strenght in decision

Formulating and voting of proposals | Recollection | Election of central government | Closing and commissioning


De La Salle brothers around the world






Chapter Days


Years of hope


News .

Thanks! #FSC46GC

Dear Lasallians, Greetings from the Eternal City. With this message we close our news coverage of the 46th General Chapter of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. We would like to thank all of you who, from the Regions, Districts, […]

One La Salle Prayer

Let me be the change I want to see To do with strength and wisdom All that needs to be done… And become the hope that I can be. Set me free from my fears and hesitations Grant me courage […]

12 Quotes from Pope Francis to Lasallians

By: Óscar Elizalde Prada On 21 May, at 10:30 a.m. (Rome time), Pope Francis received the participants in the 46th  General Chapter of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in the Consistory Hall at the Vatican. In his address to […]

Address of His Holiness Pope Francis

ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS TO PARTICIPANTS IN THE 46th GENERAL CHAPTER OF THE BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS Consistory Hall Saturday, 21 May 2022   Dear brothers, good morning and welcome! thank the Superior General for his words, […]

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Prayer for the Chapter

Preparatory Commission of the 46 General Chapter

Convocation Circular

Gallery of Superiors General .

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Together and by association .

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