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Odds and ends (Miscellaneous items) .

During the voting to elect the Brother Superior General, in the Aula Magna, only the Brother Capitulants can remain. All personnel involved with translation, communcations, logistics, leave the room.

Once the Brother Superior is elected and while he receives the applause and congratulations of the Brother Capitulants, the bells of the Church of Saint John Baptist de La Salle ring for several minutes and the doors of the Aula Magna are opened.

The Communications Office has prepared at least three possible documents with the names of potential Superior Generals. Once the election is official, the news is published on social media and on the website. Other graphic and written pieces are completely destroyed.

Brother Superior General is elected and minutes later, he is greeted by the personnel of the Generalate who wait for him at the main entrance who then accompany him in procession to the Church of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.