Strength in decision, last week

The General Chapter of La Salle takes its course and, who would have thought, we are already in the final stretch, in the third week. We have moved from the phase of Boldness in truth to that of Strength in decision; we are now at the point of decisions.  Different proposals have been incorporated in different areas and the Capitulants are working on them in small groups. There is an area on solidarity, on justice, peace and evangelisation, especially for those most in need, another that has to do with the return to the Gospel, with the spiritual life and with the vocation of the Brother, a third speaks of ecology. Integral ecology as that call that the Church and the world make to us to commitment. We are also working as is natural for Association for the mission and the Lasallian family. The Lasallian vocation and accompaniment are also in our thinking in a working group and we have two others that are working on the new structures that we need and on sustainability and the economy together.

These have been days of very intense work which fortunately we have been able to celebrate, as we have also celebrated the feast of our founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, reminding all the educators, the Brothers, the Lasallian Family, that we are committed to the human and Christian education of children and young people.

And once all these proposals have been debated, discerned and approved, we will move on to the election of the new central government of the Institute, those Brothers whom we are going to ask to lead us in the coming years, to take all these new paths to transform lives.

We thank you for all the messages of support, ideas and prayers that you send us. We read them with pleasure and receive them in the Chapter assembly and they make us feel very united to these days of intense work and to all your work.

All the Capitulants are working hard to find new answers, new ways to transform lives.